Past Meetings

2022: Vision Therapy/Rehabilitation & Executive Function Skills

2021: Let's Talk Toddlers: Infant and Toddler Vision Therapy 

2020: No meeting held

2019: Working with the Growing Population of Traumatic Brain Injury

2018: Preparing Prompting Playing: Exploring the VT experience for a patient with Autism

2017: Where are you setting the bar? Exploring Loading and Unloading

2016: Developing Attention and Memory with Vision Therapy, Journey into Light: Introduction to Syntonics, Primitive Reflex Integration for Learning and Thriving

2015: Turbocharge your VT with the Power of Lenses and Prisms

2014: Maximize Success Using A Multi-Modality Approach to Vision Therapy/Rehabilitation 

2013: Under construction

2012: TBI/ABI Overview,  Primitive Reflexes Uninhibited after TBI; Treatment and Therapy, Neurorehabilitation and Therapy, Vestibular Function after ABI/TBI

2011: Neuro-Optometry: Procedures Applied to Parkinson's, Stroke, Alzheimer's, TBI, ABI & Why?, The Importance of Moving in Vision Therapy: Concepts and Activities, Visual Fields and How they apply to VT, Breathing and Balance

2010: Pre-School VT, Reversing Reversals, Trampa Workshop

2009: Get more out of VT, Available Therapies for Autism Spectrum Disorder, Learning Related Vision and the Oculomotor Link

2008: VT Techniques for younger children on the spectrum, Insurance Billing, Nutrition and the Visual System, Sports Vision Training

2007: Strabismus and Amblyopia

2006: Primitive Survival Reflexes, Evaluation of Primitive Reflexes, Lenses and Prisms

2005:Under construction

2004: The Tools of VT