Lora McGraw Award

Excellence in Vision Therapy

To describe Lora McGraw would be impossible without using the words: creative, intelligent, passionate and a slew of other adjectives. For those who had the pleasure of knowing her, she was one of the vision therapy greats. It has been noted that in all her years of doing vision therapy she never did a procedure the same way twice. She published countless papers for OEP, lectured several times at the Southern California Regional Vision Therapist Forum and many other venues and wrote the book Guiding Strabismus Therapy which is a staple for any VT office.

In 1986 an award was established in her name, The Lora McGraw Award for Excellence in Vision Therapy. Lora was the first to receive this award. 

In order to qualify for this award the nominee must fit the following qualifications:

If you know someone whom you would like to nominate please email your nomination to socalvtforum@gmail.com  Please include: your name, phone number, your nominee's name, their email and phone number and a statement as to why you feel that they deserve the Lora McGraw award.  

Previous Winners of the Lora McGraw Award for Excellence in Vision Therapy include:

(This list is currently under construction, if you know of anyone who has received this award or the year that someone received it please email: socalvtforum@gmail.com to help with the maintenance of this optometric history!)

Lora McGraw 1986

Linda Sanet 1987

Irene Whalmeier 1993

Lyna Dyson 1997

Patti Fishburn 2003

Tom Headline 2009

Barbara Yong 2012

Julie Petteruto 2014

Jessica Zwelling 2022

Vicki Bedes

Jean Nagel

Ellen Severtson

Etta Rowley

Marjie Thompson

Emily Lyons

Trudy Adams

Linda Sanet receives the award from Lora McGraw 1987